The State of Black Businesses in U.S. Cities with Large Black Populations

Some have a strong economy and progressive political leadership that can bolster Black entrepreneurship. Others struggle to create a diverse network and comprehensive plan to keep Black businesses in the black.

Source: BET



How a Tax Break to Help Poor Communities Became a Bonanza for the Rich

Even supporters of opportunity zones agree that the bulk of funding is going to places that do not need the help, while many poorer communities are so far empty-handed.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune



Let’s Put Some Perspective Around the Small-Dollar Loan Debate

Contrary to some perception, the industry wants smart regulation that ensures access to fair and transparent financial services for consumers.

Source: American Banker



Small Businesses Hang in the Balance of Bank-FinTech Collaboration

Competitive pressures will ultimately prove beneficial to the banking industry as traditional and fintech banks alike drive innovation to new heights.




Alternative Data Is Opening New Avenues in Small Business Lending

In most emerging markets, mobile and Internet penetration has surpassed financial services or banking penetration, which creates a significant opportunity for fintech companies.

Source: Banking Exchange