The Voice: Industry News – August 7, 2018
August 7, 2018

Small Business Powers The Economy Forward
Accounting for about half of our private GDP production, small business owners are focused on producing the output that their customers are demanding.
Source: Forbes
3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your Small Business
You might be under the impression that AI is only for big, multi-million dollar companies, but smaller companies are taking advantage of AI every day, and your small business can too.
Minority-Owned Businesses Are Under Represented In Google Searches, But Why?
Minority-owned businesses are under-represented in Google searches, and UNR is looking into why that might be for two groups in Northern Nevada.
Source: Nevada Public Radio
Senate Funds CDFI Program, Removes Controversial NDAA Provision
Credit union trade groups are applauding the Senate’s Wednesday passage of a financial services appropriations bill that they say will help CUs better serve members in their communities.
Source: Credit Union Journal
Fintech Charter: Be Wary of Innovating Into Another Crisis
If fintech really is a brave new world, it requires us to walk carefully and deliberately on this tight rope. No one wants to see us innovate our way into another crisis.
Source: The Hill